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Endicia Internet Postage

Print your own postage

award-winning design toolEndicia Internet Postage is a new service that allows you to print postage directly on your mailpieces using an award winning mailpiece design tool.

The process is simple:

  • Select an envelope or label layout
  • Select an address
  • Select the weight of the mailpiece
  • Select the class of mail
  • Print

You've just printed a stamp on your mailpiece and it's ready for the mailbox. The postage amount is automatically computed, deducted from your account, and printed on the envelope or label. 


  • Save Time.
    No more peeling stamps; no more handwriting addresses over and over again.
  • Save Money.
    No expensive meter leases; no excess stamps; and our address verification reduces costly returned mail.
  • Enjoy Faster Delivery.
    We bar-code your mail so it's automation ready.
  • Get Your Mail Opened.
    Award-winning mailpiece design tool makes your mail stand out.
  • Account for Your Mail.
    Keep a record of your postage transactions.


  • Envelopes, labels, flyers, postcards
  • First Class Mail, Postcards, Priority Mail, electronic Delivery Confirmation, Express Mail
  • Address Book
  • Free Internet address correction
  • Interfaces to Outlook and ACT!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I use a credit card to buy postage?
    Yes. You can use American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Diners Club, or Carte Blanche.
  2. Can I use a check to buy postage?
    No. Currently, only credit cards may be used. Future product releases will be able to use electronic fund transfer from your bank account.
  3. Can you bill me for postage?
    No. Just like with stamps and meters, your account must be pre-paid to use Internet postage.
  4. Do I need an Internet connection?
    Yes. You need to have an active Internet connection when you purchase postage, print postage, or check your account history. You do not have to be on the Internet while you are designing the mailpiece in DAZzle - you only need to be on-line when you print or purchase postage.
  5. Do I need a special hardware device?
    No. All you need is a PC, a laser/inkjet or DYMO LabelWriter Label printer, and an internet connection. Endicia Internet Postage does the rest.
  6. Do I need a modem?
    Only if you access the Internet with a modem. Everything DAZzle needs will be obtained from your Internet connection.
  7. Do I need a serial Port?
    Only if your printer is using it. Endicia Internet Postage uses no hardware devices, so you do not need to occupy a serial port.
  8. Does it work with DAZzle?
    Internet Postage works directly from DAZzle. Once you have an account, all you have to do is design your mailpiece and print. Whether it's one single address or a list, DAZzle will take care of it.
  9. Do I get a CD-ROM or a bi-monthly CD?
    No. Everything DAZzle needs will be obtained from your Internet connection.
  10. Do I need to have a CD in my drive when I print?
    No. Everything DAZzle needs will be obtained from your Internet connection.
  11. How do I buy postage?
    Start-up DAZzle with Internet Postage. Press the "Buy Postage" button, enter the postage amount, and press "Buy Now". It's as simple as that. An internet transaction enables you to buy postage any time, day or night, 7 days a week.
  12. Can I get a history of my postage expenditures?
    One of the major advantages of Internet postage is that a complete log is maintained. The log has an entry for every piece of mail you send, as well as records of postage purchase transactions.
  13. Can I use Internet postage for bulk (discount) mailings?
    Not currently. The USPS has not yet approved bulk mail printing with Internet postage. You need to obtain and use a bulk mail permit for discount mailing. Check out our other products for discount mailing solutions. You can also use Internet postage to mail large lists at normal postage rates.
  14. What can I mail with Internet postage?
    You can produce postcards, envelopes, labels, self-mailers, fold-outs, newsletters, etc. If you can feed it through your printer, you can print postage on it.
  15. What about labels?
    You can print postage on labels, but each postage indicia you print with Internet postage is tied to the destination address. It cannot be used for a different address. Any size label can be used for packages or large envelopes. For standard size envelopes you need special labels with fluorescent coating if you do not print directly on the envelope. We recommend our own Blue Arrow labels for packages and large envelopes. We also support Dymo's 30383 and 30384 PC Postage labels for standard size envelopes.
  16. What type of postage can I print?
    You can print postage for both domestic and international mail. This includes First Class Mail, Postcards, Priority Mail, Media Mail, Parcel Post, Library Mail, Bound Printed Matter, Express Mail, Certified Mail, Registered Mail, Insured Mail, Airmail letters and parcels, economy letters and parcels, Global Priority Mail, Global Express Mail, and Global Express Guaranteed.
  17. What happens when I make a mistake?
    If you make a mistake on your mailpiece before you print postage on it, you can simply correct the mistake in DAZzle. If you print a mailpiece with insufficient postage, you can print an additional postage correction on the back of the mailpiece. If you realize you've made a mistake after you've printed postage on the envelope, you can get a refund by submitting a refund request form to us. You can find the refund form and instructions by logging into your account on our web-site.
  18. What happens if the printer jams?
    If your printer jams while you're printing postage on a mailpiece, there is currently no way to get a refund of your postage. Please make sure you do not use envelopes that are too thick for your printer's paper path.

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Technical Support Information





12 months




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ACT! Compatibility


Ver. 4.x


Ver. 5.x/2000


Ver. 6.x



System Requirements


  • PC with 486 or higher processor
  • Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, or ME
  • Laser or inkjet, or DYMO LabelWriter Label printer
  • Internet connection
  • 32 MB RAM
  • 20 MB disk space


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Endicia Internet Postage



12 Months

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Includes DAZzle 2001 Mailpiece design tool


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